Sunday, February 03, 2002

I hate when I can remember that I dreamed but can't remember what I dreamed. I remember parts though.

I was getting er... naughty... with a paraplegic. Don't know why, and it wasn't just me. See, it started out as me being in a bath tub, and 2 girls were yelling at me (?) and I was fighting with them, but then I ended up pulling them into the tub (at different times) making sure they got completely wet. They were friends of mine, apparently. Anyway, those 2 girls and I were all getting frisky with some guy in a wheelchair. I don't know who any of these people are. Anyway, after all of that, I was walking back in Otsego, only it wasn't really Otsego - just was in my dream. Anyway, this guy I remember from High School, Jason, was talking about how they sent flunkees to "special" school - which was really the High School incinerator... weird. It was referred to as an incinerator in my dream, but it was just a building... though maybe it was a garbage sorting building?

Anyway, with this Jason guy (whose last name I can't remember) I was going up several stories and along the walls, there was a massive amount of graffiti - most of which was filthy and had to do with Santa Claus. One particular one I remember is Santa Claus having sex with a dog, and Santa is shouting out "77" and the dog was thinking "77". Yeah. Weird.

So we reach the floor we were going to, and there was a woman who for some reason, I want to think of as Edna Crabapple from The Simpsons, only she wasn't a cartoon. She was getting into bed with some guy (Seymour Skinner?) but she was dressed in a sort of lace camouflage so she'd blend in with the curtain... she was thinking "nude". Someone walked into their room (not me) and she was trying not to be noticed.

Meanwhile, down the hall, Laura was trying to get this headset to work. I had been watching Austin Powers earlier - or listening to the soundtrack, maybe, but I was doing it out loud, so I didn't use the earphones... but they weren't working right, so I was being blamed. There was a short in the plug, I guess... so she had to wiggle it in the jack to get it to work. She was visiting with someone else, and they were the one using the ear phones.